Community Land Trust

Genuinely affordable housing for Thame

The Thame CLT was founded in 2018

by a group of Thame residents with the goal of building genuinely affordable housing to buy or rent which meets the needs of local people, Homes which make it easier to live well on less.

We are supported by Homes England which is a public body funded by the UK Government.

Genuinely Affordable Living

Building genuinely affordable housing to buy or rent which meets the needs of local people who are unable to access homes through open market or current social housing.

The objective is to keep local families together and to encourage intergenerational support and living.

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Connecting to Work

Situating new neighbourhoods in areas which utilise or create good transport links to reduce commuting time. Making it easier to walk, cycle or take public transport to work. Maximising opportunities to create live/work units and designated work spaces within new developments. Develop employment opportunities alongside housing. 

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Green Living

Building developments that make it easy to live greener. Adopting the Thame Green Living Plan (GLP) which focuses on the ‘opportunity to think and plan more holistically for the broader environment and vitality of the town and its community.’ 

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Connecting to Communities

Growing and sustaining a vision for better connected neighbourhoods. Residents have more time to invest in building community, getting to know their neighbours and working towards a shared purpose which includes managing shared facilities and infrastructure together for local benefit. 

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Community-Led housing

About CLTs

Community land trusts (CLTs) are set up and run by ordinary people to provide genuinely affordable housing, based on what people actually earn in their area.

Keeping families together

Thame CLT

Thame CTL was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in March 2019. It aims to help local families by creating houses to buy or rent in and around Thame.

How CLTs work

 Community Land Trusts buy land, build housing on it and then act as long-term stewards of that housing, ensuring that it remains genuinely affordable. Thame CLT is seeking a substantial grant from the Community Housing Fund with a few to taking site through to planning permission.

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